Menu Planning Pesach

It is almost here. We search for the Chametz today and tomorrow morning we will burn them. I am trying several new recipes this year as well as including some old favorites. Breakfast is always the hardest meal for us and I hope some of these recipes help us with that battle.

Monday - Seder at Shul. Make Charoset and roast the shankbone/eggs.
Tuesday - Seder at home - Hard Boiled Egges,Gefilte Fish, Matza Ball Soup, Brisket, Glazed Carrots, Asparagus, Kugel, macaroons and an Almond torte.
Wednesday - Pesach Breakfast Bars, Salmon Burgers (we need something lighter after two seders)
Thursday -Leftovers and Matza Crunch Cookies
Friday - Apricot Glazed Chicken, Carrots,Latkes, Flourless chocolate cake
Saturday-Fish and Chips


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