A menu that works for me - Mar 7-14

I have not managed to do much month ahead cooking that works but do try to follow some of the principles. Namely I always roast 2 chickens any time I do. So from those chickens I get lots of meals for our little family. We had Shabbat dinner, then I made 5 lunch sized Potpies for the freezer for Daddy's lunches. Then we had Chicken StirFry and we still have Vietnamese rolls coming. And I got chicken salad for my lunch. It is nice having the precooked chicken to go into any dish I want. Not to mention the 8 2cup containers of stock I put in the freezer from the carcasses. So doubling up works for me here.

I am still in love with my new cookbook. Thanks to a surprise visit from Aunt Laura, I get an extra opportunity this week to try things from it. The Chocolate Swiss Roll with Strawberries (recipe below) turned out fantastic. It would be the perfect Pesach dessert for a family who can do dairy. Our dairy-free substitutes make it not KLP.

Sunday - Chicken StirFry, Rice, Keem - This is the third meal made from our Shabbat Roast Chicken.
Monday - company-Pot Roast,butternut squash, steamed broccoli, peach crisp.
Tuesday - company-Vietnamese Rolls - these are a complete meal with the meat and veggies all rolled in even the noodles something chocolate for dessert. This will be the fourth meal from our Shabbat chicken.
Wednesday - Last class for Mom and Dad - Froggy gets mac & cheese
Thursday - tacos
Friday - Challah, Maple Glazed Salmon, Rice, Green Beans,
Saturday Dinner Out

Chocolate Swiss Roll With Strawberries
Cake Ingredients
3 eggs
1/2 cup sugar
5 oz dark chocolate - finely grated
1/2 cup ground almonds
1/2 cup flour

Filling Ingredients
5oz finely chopped bakers chocolate
10oz cream whipped - we used silken tofu instead
80z sliced strawberries

Preheat oven to 415.
Line baking sheet with parchment paper. Sprinkle heavily with powdered sugar.
Beat eggs and sugar until thick and creamy. Gently fold in grated chocolate, almonds, and flour. Spread mixture onto pan. Bake 12 min or until just firm in center. Be Careful it is easy to overbake
Turn cake out onto clean dish towel. Roll up from short side. Let cool completely.

To make filling - Melt chocolate. Spread over cooled cake. Top with cream and strawberries. Roll cake into log. Decorate top as desired.

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  1. What is keem? You've got me curious!

  2. Do you have a good recipe for challah using a breadmaker? I haven't been satisfied with mine so far. I would love for you to join me for Crock Pot Wednesday this week at Dining With Debbie. Mister Linky will be up Tuesday evening for you to link up. Thanks for sharing your menu with all of us. Have a great week.

  3. Libby - Keem is the Korean name for dried seaweed sheets. It is similar to what is used to wrap sushi.

    Debbie - I do not use a bread maker. I use my kitchen aid. It is fantastic. I just mix everything in the morning let it rise all day and bake it in the afternoon.

  4. It's Saturday and I'm enjoying some MPM blog visiting while watching "Barney Miller" on Hulu.com.
    It's time to expand my recipe sources with some new ideas.


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