A book plea for baby steps to Free Range

We are reading an eclectic collection this week. Our library finally got the new computer system up and running. That means all those requests I had been saving up finally got addresssed. It is sad that soon I won't be able to do that anymore. Our library is going to start charging for requests. It will change how we visit the library and not in a good way.

Little Pig is Capable is a hysterical tongue-in-cheek book sending out a plea to let our kids be just a bit more Free-Range. The story can be read (and the message received) with just the basic text of the book which is how we read it for the first couple of times. Then we added the text of parents' voices and the adults just giggled their way through. Froggy is too little to get much of the underlying humor but she loves the book.
Ten Days and Nine Nights is a very very simple book that tells the story of one family's adoption from the big sister's perspective. The simplicity of the book is what makes it. The text is a simple count down of the days and one activity per day till her new sister comes. The simplicity leaves lots of room for discussion and each family's perspective on the topic.
And for Earth Day last week I introduced a new poetry book that I love but is not going over so well with Froggy. The Earth is Painted Green is a beautiful collection of poems about our planet. The collection presents the year as the different shades of green. We have been reading a poem a day from "Planting Green" Here is one that did win Froggy over

I feel as though
the bush ere grown
especially for me.
I feel as though
I almost am
this little flowering tree
Charlotte Zolotow

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  1. I love the free-range book! :-) Sounds cute, especially for the parents!

    We've been reading poetry this week, too, and my girls have slowly warmed up to it.

    So glad you joined in Read ALoud Thursday this week!

  2. Thanks for joining WMCIR! All three books sound interesting. We love poetry here, so I might look for the third book. Too bad that your library starts charging for requests. I will be quite upset if they start doing the same here, because I love being able to request books online and pick them up as we come in.

  3. Though I know it is necessary, it's hard for me to let go and let my daughter do her own thing, especially since she's my first. I'm a worrier and and a watcher. We've made strides though since she started school. I think that helps out with independence. Thanks for the book suggestions! My daughter likes poetry that is funny or about a topic that she has a special interest in. We love Yolen's "Here's A Little Poem."

  4. Free range kids? I love the sound of that! :)


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