Buy Local Eat Local

I try very hard to follow this motto. We go to the farmers market almost every week. Our farmers market reopens today. Not many of the vendors will be there yet but it is a start. We try to eat only what is in season and put up our own local produce for when stuff is not in season.

One way people have recommended buying local in an affordable manner is through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) group. We tried a CSA once and did not like it. There were no fruits and lots of stuff my family did not eat.

Well I looked again this year and found one (too late to join for this year unfortunately) that I like much better. They include lots of fruits in the share. But it is the added benefits that come with the share that sold me. Since the place where we have gone strawberry picking the past 2 years is not offering them anymore, I was looking for a new place and this one looks great and even claims to be low pesticide use. We will be heading out to several of their u-pick events this year and joining the farm next year.


  1. I am looking for a place to pick strawberries this year - preferably low pesticide use or organic. Where are you going to go?

  2. Jennifer - We will be going to the farm I referenced - Great Country Farms. They claim to be low pesticide and mostly organic.


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