Our caterpillars finally arrived. (This is actually our second batch but don't tell Froggy that. I killed the first batch) We measured them when they arrived and are watching them grow. They started at tiny and have gotten much bigger than expected. We keep thinking that each molt is the last but not so. Sharing nature with my daughter is one of the finer things in life for me.

We are reading some great stories to go along with our study and keep her interested while awaiting the metamorphosis.

From Caterpillar to Butterfly is a Stage 1 Science book that show the life cycle in a fun and interesting way. We checked out three different books of this type and as I expected this was the only one that we read multiple times.

Becoming Butterflies is part of the "Science Made Simple for Curious Young Minds" series. It is written as a story unlike the Stage 1 Science books. Froggy likes stories much better and will consistently choose these books over any non-fiction book. This series is the perfect compromise for us because while it is fiction the science is clear and accurate without the additions or falsehoods of the Magic School Bus series. Becoming Butterflies uses the Monarch Butterfly as its example specie and follows it through its migration.

Which worked wonderfully with a book we had already fallen in love with from a totally different direction. The Paper Princess Finds Her Way is a sweet story about a paper doll told from the doll's perspective. During her travels the paper princess meets a group of Monarch Butterflies and travels with them as they return to Mexico. We read this book many times before we even chose to raise the caterpillars. We pulled it back out to see the reunion again after reading Becoming Butterflies.

As well we have slowly been working our way through the "100 Books Your Child Should Hear before Kindergarten" lists . There have been some good ones but lots of loses as well. I have updated our list with the more recent additions.

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  1. Interesting - I'm reading through your 100 books list to see which we have done.
    One question might be, does your child have to remember the book by the time she reaches kindergarten age?
    A book you read a few times, or more, when she's 3 or 4, then return to the library, may well be forgotten, no matter how much she loves it.
    I guess the intent is more cumulative, ie exposure to quality literature.
    Maybe that's why I usually just play it by ear, trusting my own mommy instincts to not take out anything too terrible... :-)))

  2. The theory is exposure to good literature. I like the list because it is a good place for me to find recommendations. It is also interesting to see other perspectives. It is fun to see what others consider quality. We have liked alot but some not at all.

  3. Thanks for joining WMCIR! I have now added your blog to the reader. Your daughter sounds a lot like Anna - she also doesn't enjoy fact-based books if they are not presented as a story. We only read the first one on your list and enjoyed it a lot.

  4. I've never heard of The Paper Princess Finds Her Way... I'm definitely going to look for it for my daughters. Thanks for sharing these titles!

    We've been able to find monarch caterpillars and go through the whole process twice now, in August. I agree -- it's one of the more magical things, sharing such a process with my children.

    I found your blog through Read-Aloud Thursday.

  5. Oh, this is perfect for us because I hope to embark on this butterfly-raising journey in the next few weeks! :-)

    Thanks so much for linking up to Read Aloud Thursdays!

  6. What a fun theme! I love reading about these books and your fuzzy caterpillars. How fun that you get to watch them grow. (I laughed about you killing off the first batch.) Sounds like this round is a bit more successful.

    I hopped over through Read Aloud Thursday and enjoyed reading this!


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