Could you do it?

So I was reading on of my favorite blogs, Free Range Kids. She has declared Monday May 22nd as Take Your Kids To The Park and Leave Them There day. Froggy is too young still, being technically a preschooler but I wonder how many parents are willing to step up and do this? If Froggy had an older sibling or friend to do this with I would in a heart beat. She makes a very convincing argument that our parents did it for us and we not only were safe (in a statistically less safe world) but benefited from the experiences.

Can you find a neighborhood park close by where you can drop your child off unsupervised for even just a half hour to let them start being independent?

Why not? If the child is properly prepared there is no reason why they cannot be successful and safe yet I doubt many people will take this opportunity to venture into the Free-Range world. I worry that those who do will be considered unsafe and get in trouble with the legal authorities.

Raising Free-Range kids works for me. Check out other great tips at Works For Me Wednesday


  1. I think that is a fantastic idea (when the littles are not-so-little, of course). I remember riding my bike to the base school playground in the afternoons and playing for an hour or so (until the sun started to go down) - and I was six. I remember playing Kick the Can after dark with friends at 11 and 12. (Granted, that last one probably wasn't so popular with the neigbors...LOL)

    My concern is, like yours, other parents and paranoia.

  2. I am more amused at the debate at the site - especially the folks who seem so angry that anyone would ever consider this.
    Maybe I'll make a point of sending my big kids out to play that day. As for the littles... well, wait a few years and I'm sure they'll be rangin' free as well. :-)))

  3. I'm with you! My son is 5, and I'd happily let him go to the playground with a friend of his age and responsibility or older. In another year or so he'll be ready to go alone.

    When we walked over to the school he'll attend in fall to register him, we had this conversation:
    KID: This is easy. When I'm bigger I can walk here by myself.
    DADDY: Yes, I think by second grade you'll walk by yourself.
    MAMA: You could do it now if not for crossing this busy street.
    KID: I'm not afraid of that because of the crossing guard to make the cars stop. But if I was by myself now, I bet somebody driving by would say, [silly voice] "Ohh this little wuggums cannot walk so far! Cutesy wuzzle is too little to be alone! Get into my car!" and THAT is not safe to ride with a strange person who doesn't have a booster seat!


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