Menu Planning Monday - Mom Away

This is a rough week. I am leaving on Tuesday immediately following Yitzkor services to go to Florida for my grandmother's funeral. I am packing up as much of my Passover stuff as possible ahead of time. I will not return home at the end of Peseach which means Dad will have to pack up whatever is left. Can you tell I am a trusting fellow?

Sunday - KLP Meatloaf, applesauce, kale chips
Monday -Daddy cooks- Steak, oven fries and carrot sticks
Tuesday - Pesach ends at sundown - Dinner out with Grandparents - Mom gone
Wednesday - Grandma cooks - Mom away
Thursday - Mom is back (yippee) Tofu Stirfry, rice and Keem
Friday - Challah, Roast Chicken, green beans, roasted red potatoes, melted icecream cake made with coconut milk icecream.
Saturday - leftovers.


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