Cutting Up a Storm

Froggy wanted not to do with any of the Art projects I had planned (and they were some good ones) but it has been a week filled with art none the less. She has been cutting up a storm.

As part of her OT, I got a Kumon book for her to make cutting more fun. She wanted nothing to do with it. It sat with her art book being steadily ignored. Then this week she decided she wanted to do it. So we have. Over and Over again. It is great practice for her hand even if it does nothing for her creativity. She makes up stories to go with them so that is something.

At first the spirals were a insurmountable challenge and caused throwing and grumping. Then today she asked for the snake and did it perfectly and went to do several more.

It fills me with pride to see her skill improving so dramatically and more importantly to see her choosing to do something that involves paper and handwork.


  1. This is great! It gives me hope that one day Anna will want to do her book of cutting too. She was just contemplating and rejecting it today :)


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