Garden Update - Mid May additions

It is hard to believe it is not even the middle of May yet. I have to keep reminding myself when I get frustrated at the state of my garden.

I need to find something to do for our strawberries if we want to get to eat any. Every single one is being consumed down to the nub before we can pick it. Hiranu suggested netting over our frame but the tomato plants are much too big already to fit under the frame. One friend suggested I sprinkle human hair around them but another told me that will not work. Tuesday I am checking out my different netting options.

I am using more containers this year than ever before. I put in two new cantaloupes, a watermelon and two more cucumbers in a second container in a different section of the garden. I am not sure I am satisfied with the location. I am not sure it will get enough sun or be safe from the mowing monster. I also put in some more basil with marigolds in a container in front of the house. My first batch totally died. We added two grape tomatoes and two pepper plants to the raised bed. We added the second layer on the potatoes. Some of the greens were still not over the top of the first but most were 8-10" over. The tires are difficult to work with since there is a large unused space that needs to be dealt with. A friend is coming over tomorrow and hopefully she will scope out the garden and give me some good advice.

The zucchini and acorn squash in the back container have taken off and are flourishing. The cucumbers are hanging in there but do not look well.

We picked the broccoli in hopes of inducing continued growth although we were not thrilled with what we got. It is bitter and nasty.


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