Menu Monday May 16-22

The Baked French Toast last week was a disaster. Froggy hated it. Hiranu and I thought it was good but we were not the target audience. Froggy skipped breakfast more days last week than she actually ate. I am still working of tempting her to the table.

Monday - Picnic Dinner - I am hoping the rain blows through so we can eat outside. Tuna burgers, carrot sticks and fruit salad for dessert.
Tuesday - Shavout Begins - It is a custom to eat at least one dairy meal during Shavuot. There are to main stories given for the dairy meal. One is that it is a reminder of the promise about the land of Israel flowing with milk and honey. Another story for the dairy meal is that when we received the Torah and then knew the laws of Kashrut, we could eat only a dairy meal because there was no kosher meat available. We will have stuffed french toast, scrambled eggs and chocolate icecream for dessert.
Wednesday - Lasagna - I am going to use this recipe for the cheese this time. salad and garlic bread
Thursday - Daddy is out of town - Froggy and I will have leftovers
, - Challah, Brown Sugar Salmon, Rice, asparagus, homemade strawberry icecream


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