Mothers Day Books

This week in honor of Mother's Day, we have been reading lots of books about moms. Some we read and left at the library. Others we read a couple of times and set aside. Others have had many repeat requests and lots of discussion.

Where's Our Mama by Diane Goode is cute little story about two children who have lost their mama. The fun part of the story is listen to how they view their mama. We used it as a launching point to talk about what to do if you do get lost. And yes Froggy does know Ima's name is.
Mama Zooms by Jane Cowen Fletcher is as colorful inside as it looks from the outside. The text is very simplistic and that may be a turn off to some people. This book reminded us stylistically of another favorite of ours, And Shira Imagined. Froggy loves any book which shows the comparision between what a child sees in his/her imagination and reality. I liked that demonstration of Mom's capability.

My absolute favorite of the group was Trade In Mother by
Marisabina Russo. In it a little boy threatens to trade in his momma. Momma is calm and patient as she listens to her son tell her all the ways the new mommy would be better. Her response - "I would never trade you in" makes him stop and think and decide not to trade her after all. Froggy has recently started with the 'I hate you's. Some really neat discussions came as a result of this book. Hopefully some new appreciation as well.

We did read other things besides Mother books this week. We finally finished a Magic Treehouse book. I have been trying to get Froggy interested in this serious for awhile now and something just clicked. The series has been highly rated and I can seem some point to it. Froggy read the first chapter of Dinosaurs Before Dark to me and I read the rest. The story is fun and slightly educational but the writing/grammer is atrocious and not what I want my child learning. I like that is a chapter book with a decent story that is at a reading level that Froggy can attempt even if she needs some help but could that not be coupled with proper punctuation and complete sentences?

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  1. I've been surprised at how much history my oldest picked up from the Magic Tree House books. I read the first few with him, several years ago, and then he took off, and read the rest. The facts they contain, seem to be easily digested, so I think I'd still recommend them, despite their short comings.

  2. The history tidbits is why I sold them in the first place. We will still read them because of that. Froggy likes them. The vocabulary (specifically the historical terms) is too high for her to read completely on her own but I expect that will change soon.

  3. Thanks for joining WMCIR. I read some reviews of Magic Tree House before, and I understand the grammar concerns. But it's still a great read for young kids who are more interested in the story that flows easily and in sentences that don't sprawl across several lines. We just started the second one for our England week - we'll see how it goes. I am sorry about "I hate you" phase. We are still in a very lovey-dovey phase - Anna totally adores her mommy. Maybe because she doesn't have me all the time - absence does make heart grow fonder :)


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