Science - Curriculum Review Part 5

Finding a science program I like has been torture. Nothing at all seems right. We tried REAL Science Odyssey and were thoroughly underwhelmed. We finally received our Living Things curriculum from Insights. The curriculum is written for a classroom and as such we would automatically need to modify it. The Learning Experiences (what they call a lesson) start out so basic that we have to skip to lesson 4 to find something that is still review but not so basic as to make Froggy feel stupid. I may use this pretty much as is if we get our science co-op up and running (coop needs a place to meet before we can make it happen)

The most important thing I learned in my search through the curriculum is that Froggy knows lots more science than I give her credit for. I also realized we do more science and talk about scientific topics more than I realized. We are just not doing it formally. But then we have a very unschooly style in lots of aspects.


  1. Maybe you don't need a formal science curriculum at all for kindergarten. Anna's future elementary has an emphasis on science, and they teach K and 1 through Magic School Bus books and Scholastic science readers. It looks like a pretty good approach to me. It will also allow you to follow Froggy's interests and find books around that topic rather than trying to force her to learn something that she might not be interested in. For example, Anna is intensely interested in human body and not at all interested in animals, so I get books and do experiments around her natural interests.


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