Social Studies - Curriculum Review Part 4

After much investigating I decided not to do a formal Social Studies curriculum this year. I like the look of Story of The World and we may do that eventually but not yet. With both Science and Social Studies, we will do a spiraling curriculum eventually similar to the one laid out in A Well Trained Mind but in our own unique unschooly fashion.

All of the Kindergarten geared curricula I investigated were too easy but I do not want to do the anything more complicated for fear of overloading us since this is Froggy's introduction to "school". I do however want to do something. Therefore....

This year we will be doing Geography and Map Study, which is another Charlotte Mason find that I think will fit well into our life style. The hardest part was finding printable maps the right size for each.

We will do (in order):
North America
United States
The Middle East


  1. I really can't wait to see what you do with Israel :) We are having a blast with our country studies, but I don't go in any particular order. I am thinking now of following Magic Tree House adventures, since Anna enjoys the series quite a bit.


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