What We Are Reading - Thank Yous

This week most of the books we have read are recommendation from friends.
Thanks to a recommendation from Raising a Happy Child, we have been reading You Read to Me I'll Read to You Fairy Tales. They boil down the fairy tale / story to a single double page spread with a fun rhyme that Froggy is willing to read with me or Hiranu. It is written like a duet and because of that she will do it with us.
Raising a Happy Child also provided us with another of our best wins this week. We have been loving The Skeleton Inside You by Philip Balestrino. It is wonderful to have people whose recommendations you can trust. I would never have picked up this book on my own. Yet it is great. Unlike the Magic School Bus books, all the information in it is completely accurate. And it is still appealing. I don't know how much learning is going on but any that sinks in is a bonus.

Froggy also fell in love with Superhero School by Aaron Reynolds. We have taken a break from Math because Froggy was talking about not liking it. I picked up this book on a recommendation hoping that it would show her Math can be fun and useful. She loves the book and has been reading it non-stop. I am not sure it will do the trick on the math but at least the seed is planted. And for a bonus there is a girl superhero in the book which helps counteract the "only boys are superheros" she has been getting from some of her friends.

And just so you know not all the reading we do is "schooly". I convinced Froggy to put aside the Magic Treehouse books for a bit and go back to Laura and Mary. We are reading Little House on The Praire. We got a collector version from the library with a built in ribbon bookmark. That seems to make it all the more special for Froggy. She is really enjoying the book and asks for more.

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  1. These all look GREAT! I especially am interested in the first couple. I think my emerging reader would like the first one, and the second one would reinforce our human body study.

    Thanks for linking up to Read Aloud Thursday!

  2. I am glad that you are enjoying our picks! I have to look for Superhero School, because it looks really wonderful. And, ironically, you will see Little House on my blog tomorrow :)

  3. I think I'd consider Little House on The Prairie schooly, too :) They have a lot of history. But then, that's the kind of "school" books we really like!

  4. Those books look like great picks. I think we will look for the first two to add to our reading list when we cover Fairy tales and the human body. Thanks!

  5. My guy has just recently gotten interested in superheros - I'll have to check out Superhero School - thanks!


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