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Yippee!! This week we finally read some poetry. Browsing through the library I came across My Uncle Emily by Jane Yolen. It is about Emily Dickenson. The story is written from the perspective of her six year old nephew. It centers around her poem “Tell all the Truth, but tell it slant.” I picked up the book hoping I could convince Froggy to sit through it. Not only did she but she brought it back many times again. She even let me read her the complete poem and biographical information in the back of the book.

Froggy has been reading lots more on her own. Listening to her read cracks me up. I was not prepared for a whole language learner and it is quite an experience. She will be reading fluently over multi-syllable words like 'excitement' and 'splendor' and then stumble on a simple word like 'said'. She also will insist she is not reading just looking at a book when clearly she is reading it because she garnering new information (which is how the conversation even came up). I am still not happy with the stories in the Beginning Reader books. None of these ever make it to the recap list because they do not get read over and over. Froggy is reading lots of Suess but it is hard with the Suess to tell if she is reading or reciting because they are old favorites.

We also read Our Stars this week. It has been hanging around for awhile being rejected. But on Monday we went to a planetarium show and Froggy became much more interested in the galaxy. It is a good basic introduction. It does not provide any depth at all but it prompted her to ask questions which let us talk about stuff. I like that it covered all the aspects of the galaxy; stars, planets, comets, constellations, meteors in one book.

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  1. We haven't done poetry yet. These look like great books.

  2. Thanks for joining WMCIR. We read number 2, but number 1 is new to us. We do enjoy poetry books here from time to time. Anna is definitely a whole language reader as well despite her foundation in Progressive Phonics. It always amazes me to see how she reads long words easily as long as she can guess what they might be :)

  3. That Emily Dickenson book looks great! Thanks for suggesting it.

  4. I've seen that E. Dickinson book around, but I don't think we've read it. Thanks for highlighting it!

    Thanks for linking up to Read Aloud Thursday, too!


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