The Art Box - A Self Portrait

It seems that lots of times, Art works better with Froggy if there is a purpose beyond the creation of something. This unit of our Hebrew study is Parts of the Body. So we made a Froggy and labeled her.

Froggy lay down on the craft paper while I traced around her. I drew a face on her because I wanted to be sure all the parts of the face would be identifiable for labeling.

Then it was Froggy's job to give her clothes as I labeled body parts. Froggy wanted nothing to do with it whatsoever while it was on the floor. I managed to convince her to add some hair.

But once I hung it on the wall and gave her paint pens rather than markers she was willing to do some independently.
She went back and traced her work with the paint pen still in her hand creating a neat double image effect.

I am hoping that as the unit continues she will add more to the artwork as I add more labels to girl.


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