Harvest Day

Today was harvest day at the Landing. I picked the last of our lettuce and spinach and took in all of the chard. This marks the end of the greens for us until the Fall. I also topped all the basil plants which netted me quite a bit of basil. Bits of it will be added to the salads to kick them up. Lots will go in the pasta sauce and the rest will be for lunches.

The big haul from the day though was the cherries. We have a sour cherry tree in the front yard. Despite living in this house over 4yrs, this is the first year we have harvested them for our own use. I will make a cherry pie with some of them but have lots I still need to figure out what to do with.

This is the first year for lots of plants. All of the following are firsts. We have two cantaloupe and one watermelon which are still growing and do not look sick but are still tiny. We have an acorn squash (featured last week) that has now blossomed and shows teeny tiny baby squashes.

We have harvested our first zucchini last week and many more are coming. The beefstake tomatoes are growing nicely in their newly reinforced cages and show lots of tomatoes. The grape tomatoes look like they are doing well and have a few flowers but no tomatoes at all yet. The pepper plants are not dead yet but they are not thriving at all.

The potatoes are now four tires tall and have been buried as high as I am willing to bury them. The instuctions say to keep burying them all summer long even after they start to flower. If I did that I would not be able to reach to fill it with dirt. I will let them go from here and see what happens. This is a new technique for us and the potatoes are already under lots more dirt than they were last year.


  1. Eagerly awaiting news of your "tired potatoes". I tried it one year, they grew and flowered beautifully, but no potatoes. But then, I have an official Potato Curse, I suspect. :-)


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