Menu Planning Monday June 14-20

My menu planning is really rough right now. I am afraid to try anything new for dinners because it is mission critical that Froggy eats well at dinner since that is right before swim practice and she needs the full belly to make it through. It used to be the best time to try new foods because if she did not eat a big dinner it did not matter she could make it up at her bedtime snack. Now all the dinners have to be enticing to her or it is a problem. bleah :(

Monday - Pizza (which we missed having last week) and Salad
Tuesday - Tacos, refried beans and rice
Wednesday - Chicken nuggets, oven fries and salad
Thursday - TofuStir fry rice and keem
Friday - Challah, steak,salad and grilled corn homemade Icecream sandwiches (these were a big hit last time)


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