This past Sunday Froggy had her ballet recital. She was so thrilled. It was her very first time ever on stage. All the girls had to wear makeup and that was quite an amazing privileged for Froggy in her opinion. She loved her costume which in my opinion was probably the least attractive of the entire collection.

There was a dress rehersal on Saturday evening during which time each class got to practice their dance on the big stage with the lights and everything. Froggy was so thrilled to be on stage that she forgot a good amount of her dance.
It was during this time that Froggy and I actually got to watch the other dancers. Froggy is still in love with the idea of being a ballerina and seeing the big girls dance and talking to them was probably her favorite part of the entire recital. We stayed at the dress rehersal until the very end so that we could watch the multi-class production of Peter and the Wolf. It was fun and well done. Froggy was mesmerized. The dancers really conveyed the story with their movements and expressions. Froggy reacted to the fear of the duck and the anger of the wolf in a way I did not expect.
Froggy tells me frequently that she wants to be a ballerina when she grows up and she dances around the house but she never practiced her dance and it showed when she was on stage for her production but she did not care. She had a great time being on stage. She was so proud of herself and so puffed up with her own self importance.

During the actual recital I was a back stage helper and stayed with the girls back stage during the entire performance expect for Froggy's number. As we were delivering the class to the teacher backstage the director reminded the teacher to hold onto them because it was going to go pitch black during the number right before theirs. I freaked afraid of the terror at the unexpected darkness. I worried needlessly. All the girls did fine. Everyone was cool and all made it onto stage with no drama.

I wish her grandparents had been here to see her recital but their schedule is so busy particularly the early summer that even two months advance notice is not enough for them sometimes. We could not do the recital last year when my mom and grandmother would have still been here to see the pictures and video (I can't take good video so I am still waiting for the professional one from the studio) so I am sharing them with you all instead and just dedicating it to them.
See Mommom she knows all the names of the steps even if she cannot memorize a full dance yet. I know you are watching from Heaven and proud of her. We miss you.


  1. How fun. Froggy looks so grown up in her ballet outfit. Hopefully she will learn with time that ballerinas are not born, they are made by relentless practice.


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