Setting Up School

I finished our curriculum review and finally have at least some goals for the upcoming school year. But now the issue is how do we get that to actually happen. Judaica and Math will happen every day. Science, Geography, Art/OT, and Music Appreciation will happen one day each week.

To help me, I created a file system. The idea came from Dawn. She uses file folders but I am using duotangs instead so that the folder for each can easily travel with us. We do much of our schooling on the road and I need her stuff to travel well. I will use a folder for each week and a hanging file for each month. The reason to have everything laid out in the beginning is to mark the double parsha weeks as well as file the holiday stuff where it should be. Geography, Art and Music all work as multi-month units so this helps me plan them out and organize them.

The plan is that no later than Friday morning before Shabbat I can lay out the upcoming week using this template. The folder will give me a place to lay out the craft ideas as I find them, a place to store pictures and maps for Art and Geography.


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