Summer Reading Program

Every year since Froggy's very first summer we have participated in the summer reading program just because we could and it was fun to get free stuff. This summer is different though. This summer the goals will be much harder to reach. This summer only the books that Froggy reads herself are going on the tally sheet.

The very first book she chose is already on the list The Dino Expert. She is so excited. This book was very challenging for her with large concepts as well as words. We paused several times to discuss the concepts or what a word meant. It was also a great learning experience for her to see that even Mommy needs to sound out words sometimes.

Life is very different with an independent reader. I am no longer present for the vast majority of information input. Independent reading means independent learning. Many times now Froggy has come to us spouting new information she has gleaned from her Totally Amazing books. It means that more information can go in on a wider variety of topics. It also means I need to be more cautious about the books that come into the house. I can no longer do editing on the fly and must preread all books at the library because I never know when they will be read if they come home.

It also means that I am looking for more books that provide learning opportunities. This week lots of Math books came home. The absolute favorite is How High Can a Dinosaur Count by Valorie Fisher. Froggy has not been interested in doing any of the problems that I am aware of but she has asked for the book multiple times and I have seen her reading it on her own.

Much to my dismay, we ended our interlude with Laura and Mary Ingalls and returned to play with Annie and Jack. Froggy is chewing through these books with a voracious speed limited only by the fact that she chooses not to read them to herself so must wait for a parent to be available and willing. I got both Pirates Past Noon and Night of the Ninjas at the library on Wednesday figuring that would last the week but both books will be done before Havdalah. If I could translate her love for these stories into a willingness to even listen to the research guides I would be much happier.

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  1. I think How High Can a Dinosaur Count? would be a big hit here, too!

  2. I have to look for this dinosaur book! We still put both joint and independent books on Anna's reading list, but she could have easily handled independent reading challenge - she reads tons of books on her own. We stumbled on the third book of MTH - Anna found the book about mummies way too scary. Unfortunately, that's where the mystery of M is explained, so I am waiting to see if she wants to read it again. I admit that I am also very disappointed that book #3 went ghostly.

  3. Glad to hear you are enjoying reading so much with your Froggy and so happy to have you link up.

  4. I posted about our summer reading program this week too! I'm interested in the dino book - I'll have to look it up at our library!

  5. We're not to the independent reading stage yet, but I can see it coming. Your post has given me something to think about! Thanks! :-)

    Thanks, as always, for linking up to Read Aloud Thursday, too! :-)


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