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It is still a new strange feeling to be much less in control of the reading that is going on with Froggy. We go to the library and she has her own definite opinions. Luckily for me she has been interested again in Little House on the Prairie and we are once again able to follow Laura as she they settle into their new home.

Froggy received King Solomon and the Bee in the mail this week thanks to PJ Library. We picked it up on the way out of the house and she read part of it to me in the car. It sparked an interest in an old favorite, And Shira Imagined, also from PJ Library which Froggy has read to me multiple times this week. To me it was a wonderful statement on her culture rather than ability that she was able to read "kibbutz" with no problem by struggled with construction. Rereading And Shira Imagined was fun for a variety of reason first because Froggy read it to us rather than us to her. Now that she is reading it, she is also focusing more on the book and going slower through it, which consequently provided more depth and discussion. We talked about King David and the history of Masada and the differences in many of the cases between what Shira is imagining and what actually happened. It also prompted more imaginative play from Froggy (I didn't think that was possible :) ) Giora Carmi is both author and illustrator and the pages are a wonderful contrast between styles.

Some of the other independent reading favorites this week have been My Tooth is About to Fall Out and Just Try It. Several of Froggy's friends have started losing their baby teeth and Froggy is obsessed with the concept which is unfortunate in that Froggy is not likely to have a visit from the tooth fairy for probably close to a year or more. Just Try It is about a young boy who finally learns to try vegetables. Veggies in specific are not our problem but trying new things in general is hard with Froggy and this book seemed to make her more comfortable with the idea.

We also came back to Fancy Nancy. Somehow despite having read many of these books, we had missed the original. I read it to Froggy once and then it became a book for her to read. When I was first introduced to Fancy Nancy I was extremely against the series and products. I am not sure why now. The books are great for introducing vocabulary. They are particularly wonderful for a whole word learner like my daughter. And so she wants to be "fancy" who cares. If it means she is learning new words and skills I am all for it.

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  1. I know what you mean about being "against" a series like Fancy Nancy at first. ;-)

    I'm intrigued by the first title, too--it looks interesting!

  2. It's too funny - we also returned to Fancy Nancy this week, and I have it in my round up for tomorrow. And I also had the same initial reaction to the series as you did, but now beginning to enjoy it. And I just placed a request for And Shira Imagined - after all, I am going to be in Israel a week from now :)

  3. Fancy Nancy books are a little different, I think Selena always took to them because she has always been the dress up little girl, and always tried to use words she never quite knew what they meant. Just try it books sounds like a book for us to explore.

  4. I'm still not sure about Fancy Nancy. I like the vocabulary, and the illustrations, but the stories always seem a little bland - and Nancy is a bit dramatic. But, my girls just love her.


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