Back to the Book

We use Singapore Math as our Math text. However, we have been on hiatus from the book for a while to do some review with basic addition and subtraction. We were rushing through the book and not practicing enough so out came the white board and some basic drill.

It was not fun for Froggy but it was a necessary and successful break.

Now it is time to move forward again. We have returned to the book with renewed interest and enthusiasm. We are working on adding three numbers at a time.

Returning to the book though does not mean that the whiteboard has retired. We are still drilling on prior concepts. Since we (theoretically) do Math six days a week, our week plan looks like the following.

Sunday - new lesson in the textbook
Monday - Wednesday Workbook pages corresponding to lesson
Thursday and Friday - Whiteboard.

I may end up alternating workbook pages with whiteboard review to keep the interest alive. Also the multiple days of workbook and whiteboard leave me space to miss a day when school does not happen.


  1. I have a Singapore Math textbook too, but hesitant to pull it out since Anna's future school is using Saxon math. It sounds like Froggy is doing great with math.


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