Geography - North America Wrap Up

We finally finished our North America map study this week. We worked on adding the Caribbean countries. It was great timing since we had just read Pirates Past Noon which is set in the Caribbean. We talked about being an island nation vs having borders with other countries.

This is the last week of North America. Does that mean that Froggy could completely label all the countries by herself or tell you everything there is to know about them? Not even vaguely. But that was not my objective. We will spend a few of years circling the globe with our map study and then return to the beginning. It will just be another part of our spiraling curriculum like history and science. She know significantly more about maps, the differences between a country and a state. And she can tell you many of the countries of North America and locate them on the map. For a rising kindergartner, that meets all my objectives and then some.


  1. It sounds like Froggy is doing great. I also believe in spirals for social studies - right now I am only interested in introducing concepts. Anna has been all over her IKEA atlas recently - she is interested to see what each country's "specialty" is.

  2. I saw this post and thought of your geography lessons:
    It would be a ton of work but very cool!

  3. The wonderful thing about Geography and History is it is a subject that can be revisited and built upon year after year! Great job for finishing up North America! Thank you for linking up!

  4. Jenn - the globe looks amazing and I am sure Froggy would love it but there is no way I would ever actually get it to come to fruition. If you made one though I would buy it :)


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