Geography - The United States

Having finished our North America map study, we started the United States. This is now our second week. The first week, Froggy could not label any states (which was expected). We chose states to label based on the names that Froggy knew. She would tell me a state name, I showed it to her on the Almanac and then she found it on her unlabeled Map.

This week, we again started with the blank map. However this time Froggy was able to name six states without looking at the Almanac. She labeled her state and Zoe's (her "big girl" friend) state as well as Jack and Annie's (Magic Treehouse) state. Then she added in West Virginia because "it used to be part of Virignia" Then she added Alaska and Hawaii. Every state she labels needs to a descriptor that she recites as she labels them.Once she could no longer add states on her own I helped her. We labeled our destination for our upcoming trip and all the states we would travel through. Then we labeled Laura Ingalls states (Wisconsin -for Little House in the Big Woods and Kansas for Little House on the Praire) We also drew their path between the two. We labeled the new states in a different color to show that they are new.


  1. What a great way to label states!

  2. I have to try it when we revisit States. I highly recommend The Little Man in the Map book - it has some clues to help remembering states by their shape. And, of course, having puzzles should help as well - unfortunately, Anna is not really interested in hers at the moment.

  3. Fun! We just started LH on the Prairie today, and I got out a globe to trace their path. Too tiny, really, but I was too lazy to get the atlas. ;-)
    Good work!


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