Menu Planning Monday - Do Over

I am not sure we had a single thing off the menu this past week. We ate out way too much. Part of it was having company in. Part of it was the terrible heat wave we have been having. Part of it was Hubby's stress at work.

So this week we are going to try again. Please excuse the repeats. Froggy and I have a very full schedule during the day so it is critical that we be home for dinner to give her some down time before swim practice (and thus avoid meltdowns)

Sunday - Sloppy Joes, tatortots and peas- bake cookies for Swim team
Monday - Jenn's White Fish (recipe below), green beans, rice and keem
Tuesday - Chicken parmesan, noodles and Salad
Wednesday - Leftover Buffet
Thursday -Burgers Corn and green beans
Friday - Challah Pot Roast mashed potatoes, broccoli, chocolate cake
Saturday - Dinner at Birthday party (yes really same as last week only this time it is a different party)


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