Science Sunday- Sinkers

We took a break from our nature study to do a fun experiment. I collected a variety of items from around the house to see which ones would sink or float.

First I had Froggy go through the items and sort them based on her guess as to which would sink and float.
Then we tested each item one by one and placed it in the appropriate location. We got a few surprises. Two of her figurines floated. We even went back and got more figures to see if we could determine a difference between the floaters and the sinkers. We could not. There was no distinguishable difference. Ones for the exact same collection were in both categories. It was not quite the experiment I had hoped for.
Still we persevered. We looked at why the balled bread sunk while the slice floated. We talked about density.
After the experiment we continued the study with some fun reading. We pulled back out one of our favorite series Magic School Bus, Ups and Downs: A Book about Floating and Sinking. and a Rookie Reader What is Density?

I'm linking this post in with the Science Sunday link-up, at Adventures in Mommydom, where you can find more fun with science.


  1. I like how you link your experiments with books you read. Too funny about figurines, it could have something to do with their overall shape.

  2. I'm with Raising a Happy Child - I think it might be the shape of the figures, causing them to float. Interesting.

  3. I'll echo the other two, shape. Or maybe one is hollow.


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