Swim Team Mid Season Review

Froggy loves swimming and is very proud of being a part of the Fearsome Frogs. Froggy is hanging in there at swim team despite some very mixed feedback. Many time she tells me that she does not want to go or that she is going to just play. I have explained to her many many times that she can quit whenever she wants but that if she stays she must do her best. It is not fair to her teammates to go and not do her best. Every time I offer to let her quit she redoubles her efforts and demands to go back.

We went to the swimming pool as a family on Shabbat afternoon. When we got there Froggy would not even get in the pool at first. She warmed up to the adventure and had a blast. While we were there Froggy said "I know this is not swim team but can we please pretend that it is and practice?" To me that is a real sign that she loves it and is dedicated to the team.

I guess it is time to seriously consider a year round team.


  1. I think you are doing great giving her options. I let Anna drop dance because she clearly didn't want to go on with it, but I made it clear that she is not going to have another go at it unless she is committed to go to at least 5 classes. Maybe we will try it again this fall.

  2. We made a similar deal with Froggy. She was not even offered the option of quitting until two weeks into the season (only 8 weeks long)


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