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According to the experts, one of the best ways to foster a love for reading is to let your child see you enjoy reading and reading frequently. That has been lacking in our house. Both my husband and I read quite a bit but we do so on our blackberries with e-books. This does not look like reading to Froggy.

When I was taking classes, she would see me reading my schoolwork but did not see any enjoyment.

Now that I am not taking any classes that require reading, I have begun to feel my brain stagnant from all the fluffy fiction which is all I have on my blackberry. So I picked up a paper book from my to read pile and I am enjoying it quite a bit. What makes it most enjoyable is the thought provoking nature of this kind of book.

I am reading The Blessing of a Skinned Knee. It is a Jewish parenting guide. Unlike the other Jewish books by female authors in my house, this one is not so observant that it fails to be relevant to my life. The author came from a non-observant background and has conquered many of the questions I now struggle with. She offers insights for some of the big problems I am facing and because she is Jewish words them in language I can use. She offers reasons both secular and theological for choices I had made on instinct without real justification. I will share more thoughts on the book in specific as they develop. What are you reading? Does your child get to see you enjoying reading?

Usually Froggy's favorites are books from the library but this week she pulled out an old classic, Debbie in Dreamland from her bookshelf and has requested it over and over. It is a collection of stories about Debbie and her pet parrot Tuki. Froggy loves Debbie's unique take on all of the holidays. Written in 1960, the illustrations are very much representative of that time-frame. The stories are classic though and the language is wonderful.

We also met Cam Jansen this week. Our library has some in the Early Reader section that Froggy can read independently. We chose The Young Cam Jansen and the Dinosaur Game as our introductory book. This series is perfect for Froggy on a vocabulary level but pushes her and challenges her on overall length which to me is a plus.

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  1. Thanks for joining WMCIR. The book that you are reading sounds very interesting, and I hope you'll get some practical tips from it. I am always struggling in finding good chapter books for Anna, because she is so young. A lot of books are dealing with school situations or contain episodes that appear frightening to her. It's sometimes quite a challenge to have a reading toddler :)

  2. My Sunday School class read that book! I couldn't keep up with the reading and stopped pretty quickly (Ben was a newborn at the time and there was zero time for reading). Maybe I should check it out again :-)

  3. I've not heard of these before, but it is so important for kids to see their parents reading. My youngest loved the Cam Jensen books. There are quality books out there for our kids to read and sometimes it takes a while to find them. Keep up the great work!


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