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It's official Froggy loves the Magic Treehouse series. As a general rule, we do not reread chapter books. Yet more than once now Froggy has requested that we reread a Magic Treehouse book to her. She would probably accept new ones instead but we go through them so quickly and with it being summer the supply at the library is critically low so we end up rereading. For now, I do much of the rereading because Froggy claims she cannot/is not reading them. Yet she sits with them slowly going through them page by page with her eyes following every single word. Apparently in the world of Froggy, it is not really reading unless you use your voice.

We discovered a wonderful new chapter book, The Birchbark House that somehow I missed reading while I was young. Froggy's aunt brought it when she came to visit. We have been reading it together and both enjoying it immensely. It is set on an island in Lake Superior during the Westward Expansion. Unlike many other childrens' books set in this time, this one is told from the Native American perspective. It is well-researched and shows many of the customs and rituals of the culture. It is a great read-aloud book as long as you don't mind struggling with pronunciation. Omakayas, the main character is seven years old but as with children of that time seems much older than the seven year olds of today. We have enjoyed comparing how she spends her day and the responsibilities and privileges she has with those of Froggy and her friends. It is a good comparison for when Froggy is in a complaining mood.

On a lighter note, we have also been reading Boy Were We Wrong About Dinosaurs. We picked it up based on a recommendation from Monkey See Monkey Do. It took Froggy a while to warm up to the book when we first brought it home but once she gave it a chance she was captivated. The whole family has learned some amazing things about how our perceptions of dinosaurs have changed over time.

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  1. Thanks for joining WMCIR! I hope to talk Anna into trying MTH books again, the Mummies books really threw her off. I already bookmarked the dinosaur book for our next spiral through dinosaur time :)

  2. What a diverse trio! I LOVE the Magic Tree House series, but I am not familiar with the other two titles. I like that The Birchbark House is a good reference for your daughter's own life! Sometimes it's so much easier to get them to realize their feelings when you compare it with something they have actually experienced/read! I'll have to put the dinosaur book on a list for the future when my son is older--it looks like a neat perspective! Thanks for linking up :)

  3. Magic Treehouse books were always a hit in my classroom. Looking forward to introducing B to them too! I'm hosting Feed Me Books Friday this week - hope you'll come link up!


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