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Froggy has continue her obsession with Magic Treehouse. She has declared that she wants to have a Magic Treehouse birthday. We play Jack and Annie regularly. I totally rescind my initial reservation with the series. It may not be the most proper language but if it captivates my daughter and encourages her to investigate history then who am I to argue. At least there is no misinformation in the text that would need to be countered later. Right now, Froggy's favorite is Ghost Town at Sundown. She reads and rereads it over and over.

Our favorite picture of the week is The Real True Dulcie Campbell. I love it. It took many many readings by Froggy before I was allowed to read it with her. Dulcie lives on farm with her family. She decides she is a princess and her real name is Dulcinea. Her family wishes her well as she goes off to search for her "real true" family. In the castle (her own barn) she discovers that, compared to the stories in her book (one princess is made to wear rags and sleep in the ashes, another is locked in a tower by a witch), her life might not be so bad after all. She returns home to a wonderfully realistic welcome from her family complete with caustic marks from her brother.
This week we welcomed a new American Girl, Felicity into our lives. Rebecca is an old time friend at the Landing. It was a joy to welcome Felicity and a new time period into our lives. We have visited Mount Vernon and read Revolutionary War on Wednesday. Yet Froggy was not understanding the time period. We have talked about the colonies as part of our map study. Meeting Felicity is helping pull the concepts together as well as adding a new friend to our lives.

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  1. My oldest daughter loved Felicity. I tried to introduce the girls to Kaya, in hope her books would fan the flames of interest in the Nez Perce people, we encountered on recent road trips - but so far they sit unread.

  2. It's awesome that Froggy connected so well to MTH series. Anna is still lukewarm because of dangers involved. We just talked today how these books are written using a certain pattern and how they all end well. I am looking forward to meeting American Girls when daughter is a few years older and can appreciate history better.


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