Art Box - Stained Glass

I love art projects but have for the longest time had trouble convincing Froggy to participate. Having friends over usually helps.

So this week we had some friends over to help us make a neat stained glass project with tissue paper. I got the idea here. The friends were super excited about the project. The kids really took to it right away. They loved tearing the paper and being allowed to smear glue on the window. At some point, one child put yellow on top of teal and it looked amazing. We all had to stop and just look at the loveliness of the green light shining through the window.The kids did not cover much of the window. But we had fun tearing and creating.


  1. How will you clean the glue off the window? If you don't want to deal with cleaning up windows afterwards you can sandwich tissue paper in between two pieces of contact paper.

  2. I would have gone with contact paper too, but the project is lovely. I like the project that don't require a lot of clean up.

  3. I very much wanted the children to be able to work together hence the window. The clean up was no problem at all. The glue was washable and everything came right off the window.


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