Geography - Four Corners

We added the Four Corners part of the country today. I was born in Colorado so that is our hook there and my sister lives in Arizona so that helped. The shape and location of the states was not clicking for Froggy so I pointed out the Four Corners.

We also got some fun books at the library to help us with the area. We have one book for each of the states. They are from two different series. I like the From Sea to Shining Sea series much better than the Hello U.S.A series. However the second series is more basic and appealing to most children. it has the state song, a fun recipe and series of fun facts for the state.

We also found a fun book, Wish You Were Here, Emily's Guide to the 50 States to help us learn about all the states as we add them. This book is perfect for us because it is just a two page spread on each state. We can read about the states as we label them on our map and still not have Map Drill take all day. The other books get read at bedtime or separately as Froggy expresses interest.


  1. We're in the process of studying these states as well, and I agree I really like the Sea to Shining Sea one as well.

  2. Thanks for the recommendations. We are going to make through the States slowly, and I am going to look for those books.

  3. We are making our way through the States slowly and I am sure it will take many times before Selena actually understands. I am going to check into your reccommendations. Thank you for joining in on the Geography/History linky!


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