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We are not doing a formal history program at this point. Yet sometimes we stumble into learning anyhow. Our vacation has been filled with history. Felicity is helping Froggy learn about Colonial times and what that means. This gave her some context to our visit to the Colonial Spanish Quarter . It is a living history museum which recreates life for the Spanish during the time "when Felicity's parents were children." Having a hook to attach new information is crucial to learning at least for Froggy.

The gates of the city made from Coquina rock.

We saw a gentleman making lunch for the village. He explained how this community was unique in its consumption of fresh meat. The fort maintained a herd of cattle and slaughtered 10-15 head every day to feed the soldiers. I cannot reconcile the sustainability of those numbers but that is what we were told.

We visited with the blacksmith and the leather worker. The blacksmith explained to us the differences between the Italian metal working and the British style we had seen at Mount Vernon.

We visited the fort and several museums but it only the Living History connected with Froggy. Talking with people is much more interesting than looking or listening to a lecture.

Firing the cannons at the fort. They could fire over the inter-coastal and hit ships still out in the ocean


  1. Sounds like a neat place to visit. We haven't tried any living history yet - maybe one day!

  2. I remember going there from when we visited St. Augustine. That was very cool.


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