Good Sleeps and Good Dreams

Ever since Froggy was very little she has been plagued with nightmares semi-regularly. Yet it took her a long time before she was able to talk about them at all. Even on nights when she woke up screaming in terror, the next morning when asked she would say she had "good sleeps and good dreams"

Until recently. Not long ago, Froggy told me she had a bad dream. The next night she did not want to go to sleep because she was going to have bad dreams. Thus started a new bedtime stall and one of my most favorite moments of the day.

I suck all her dreams out (because the vacuum cannot sort but takes everything). Then she has no dreams. And I feed her good dreams, fun memories or good things to look forward to or the like. I love lying with her for these moments and sharing these thoughts. Then she rolls over I wish her "Lilah Tov Good Sleeps and Good Dreams."

And the best part of all is it works. She has been having almost no nightmares and she has even started adding her own good dreams back in during the ritual.


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