Menu Planning Monday

Last Week's Pineapple Mango Chicken was a tremendous hit. It will be making a frequent occurrence I can tell. The papaya and avocado salad was not such a hit. The babies thought it was great as a I fed them bits of avocado and papaya for the rest of the week.

I scored big on a box of peaches at the farmers market today so in addition to the regular cooking. I will be freezing, canning and dehydrating lots of peach.

Sunday - Fish ala Jenn, Green Beans and Rice
Monday - Grandparents arrive bearing a steak dinner
Tuesday - I have no idea but Grandma is cooking - Woohoo
Wednesday - I am back on duty. Chicken, oven fries and peas
Thursday - Homemade Pizza and Salad.
Friday - Early Services at Shul - Challah, sweet and sour chicken, quina, broccoli, peach crisp, parve pudding pops


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