Menu Planning Monday

The week in review - The coconut chicken nuggets did not fly at least not with the humans. The canine thought they were wonderful. The coconut was too strong for us. Also I will note that I baked them instead of fried them which may have changed the texture of the coating. The sweet potato fries on the other hand were delicious.

The Menu - I am going to try for at least one vegan night a week. Wish me luck.
Sunday - Picnic Dinner at the Faire - hummus/cucumber tea sandwiches, curried chickpea salad, fruit salad and cookies.
Monday - Dinner is early as I have a meeting - pizza and a green salad
Tuesday - Falafel with Yogurt sauce. I will serve a variety of toppings (lettuce, tomatoes, baba ganush, hummus) in a manner similar to a taco bar. This is the traditional way falafel is served.
Wednesday- Burgers with backyard corn salad and green beans. I am trying homemade buns for the first time. If they work I will post the recipe.
We leave for the grandparents Thursday morning for a long weekend so this is where I cease to plan. :)


  1. Good luck on the vegan meal! (it's sometimes tough for me, but then, I'm not that creative, nor vegetarian, so it's hard to think out of the "meat box" sometimes)

    I looked at the recipe for the chicken nuggets and it seems like they need something more. I have used coconut as a breading at Pesach, but it doesn't stick very well on its own, and it also needs some kind of seasoning. I do agree that frying would probably improve the taste/texture, however; frying makes almost everything better!


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