Froggy is currently obsessed with money. Since she was little, one of her "jobs" has been to collect the change from around the house and put it in the Tzedekah box. She loves to do this and has become so passionate about it lately that we have been going on "tzedekah hunts" and she is heartbroken if she can't find any money. In doing this with her, I realized to my dismay that she did not know the different coins.

So this week, instead putting the money directly into the box, we have been sorting and counting it first. Playing with the coins first has made this fun task even more appealing. I asked her at one point in the game how many dimes she had (to make sure she was looking at the right group since each type of coin had a different number) and she told me 30 cents since there were 3 dimes. That got her a "double high five, tov meod, two thumbs up" squeeze. She finally started to be interested in counting by 5's as well something I have been encouraging without success until now.


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