Pretty Purple

After a much too long hiatus I finally got back to sewing. I made a new dress for Froggy which I hope she will wear for Rosh Hashana. That was the intention when I started it but now that it is finished I am not sure it is appropriate. The dress turned out quite well in my opinion given all the on-the-fly modifications I had to make to the pattern.


  1. Beautiful! I think the neckline is perfect. It is a sweet neckline for a little girl. If you want to change the look a little you could always add a longer necklace.

  2. The dress is so cute! I like the shape of the neckline, but it does look like it needs a little something -- perhaps a trim of the same ribbon, only 1/2 or 1/4 as wide as the sash?

  3. a thin sash-colored trim around the neck would look pretty, or a longer white/cream colored necklace.

    Is this dress to-grow-into? And why would't it be appropriate for Rosh Hashana?

  4. My dd2 would adore that dress!
    Find her some inepxensive "pearls" and she'll be soooo elegant...

  5. Jendris - I think you are right and that is what we will do.

    Val - nope it is definitely a for now dress. I was concerned it is not fancy enough for Rosh Hashana and that maybe it looked too springy.


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