Skip Counting

We are working on two big concepts with math right now, Money and Time. Skip counting is really useful in both genres. So whenever we can we have been practicing our skip counting. It is mostly in the car.

We are working on fives right now. Froggy is having a hard time with them. Tens were super easy because she saw the pattern quickly and could follow it. Twos came a little slower but not too hard because the skip was so small she could say it to herself and continue out loud without getting lost. So I figured she needed some help. Since we were in the car anyway, I played this song for her. She did not take to it right away but that is typical of Froggy. It is set so that it comes up in rotation on the player so it is not overwhelming yet it part of "laying a feast before them"

I also printed out this worksheet so she could see the patterns a bit better. Other than showing it to her when I gave it to her I did not do anything with it. It is for her to take in as she desires.

These two simple items are making a difference. She is not perfect yet but in just a few days she is starting to see the pattern. Once she has the pattern perfect and is very comfortable, I will bring it back to money and time.


  1. The link to the skip counting worksheet doesn't seem to work... :-(

  2. How old is your child? We've had similar results for skip counting...10's being the easiest and 5's being the hardest. I've decided to wait until we do more because developmentally, they are suppose to go through a big jump between 4 and 5. I think it will be easier to teach more concepts then. Right now, I'm just trying to show that a number remains constant even if it "looks" bigger or smaller.

  3. Do you know these:

    We enjoyed them last year and will probably use them again. They have skip counting mazes for 2,3,4 and 5 - plus number mazes for 1.

  4. I haven't really attempted any skip counting beyond 10 - 10 is already challenging enough, but daughter is not even 4 yet. It's funny how certain concepts are really hard to grasp for a young mind, but I am sure that songs might help too. Thanks for sharing your links.


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