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This week Froggy got the most wonderful gift from her Auntie. Auntie Fawn loaned Froggy a whole collection of Magic Treehouse books. This child is truly obsessed with Jack and Annie. For the next few days anywhere we went at least two of the books came tucked in my bag. Froggy pulled them out whenever we stopped somewhere and even tried to read and walk a couple of times but we put the nix on that idea quite thoroughly. Froggy's favorite is still Ghosttown at Sundown but Dolphins at Daybreak is a close second because it is Auntie Fawn's favorite.
The best picture book of the week is Ted by author/illustrator Tony DiTerlizzi. It is a picture book, meaning that the pictures are critical to full appreciation of the story. Yet it is much longer than most picture books with "chapter" headings within it. The story opens with Ted, a monster coming to visit the young boy of the house. Together they have fun but get into tons of mischief. When the boy tells his father about Ted, he receives a stern lecture on real vs imaginary. Ted helps the son find his fathers old atomic ray gun and remind Dad of what it means to relax and play. The story ends with Dad join in a game of " "space pirates-Monopoly-Twister."

I don't often include the loses of the week but I wanted to here. We read Alexander's Terrible No Good Very Bad Day to an increasingly reluctant. Froggy was deeply dubious about it when we started and grew only more so. She has suddenly become very concerned about the bad things that happen to the characters in the books we read. This book did not even have the happy ending to redeem it. It did allow an opportunity to discuss how to handle bad days but it was not a fun book.

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  1. I'm definitely going to check out that first book. We read chapter books at bedtime but Hannah still appreciate a good picture book. I'm surprised Froggy didn't like the Alexander book. Hannah has it and reads it fairly often. I think she is reassured that she isn't the only one that has bad days. I guess she can relate to the main character. I do wish there was a happy ending though.

  2. I think we've read Ted sometime in the past. And I can relate to your ds being worried about the characters in a book. I have two girls who are pretty sensitive, too.

    Thanks for linking up again!

  3. I have one particularly emotional little boy, who has always loved Alexander. When he's having a bad day, that book can always make him smile - and I'm quite fond of the illustrations. But, I could see where not every child would care for it, because things don't turn around, they just continue on.

  4. Thanks for joining WMCIR and sharing your picks! It's interesting how children react differently to different books. Anna is fascinated by Alexander's book, probably because it's completely "real" to her. At the same time I am very doubtful that she will like mischievous Ted.

  5. Thanks for linking up at Feed Me Books Friday! I'm intriuged by Ted. I have always been a fan of "To think that I Saw It On Mulberry Street," which also centers on a vivid imagination, but Dad doesn't get a lesson in remembering to play at the end. Hope you'll join us again this week!


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