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The summer reading program at the library ended last week. Which meant that this week our trip to the library was much more peaceful and plentiful. There were lots of wonderful books to choose from and the librarians were not stressed and there was quiet in which to explore.

Froggy did not spend anytime in the picture book section at all. She went to the rounder of Juvenile series and only left it when I took her elsewhere to get books I needed. She picked two different American Girl books, Rebecca to the Rescue and Meet Molly. Rebecca is Froggy's all time favorite American Girl. These books are wonderful but challenging for her reading level. She struggles through them and I am not sure if what she actually understands when reading them independently. I try to make sure that we read these together so that she hears the story with all the words correct at least once. I learned something interesting in doing this. Froggy hears the words in her head when she is reading silently to herself even the names. I discovered this when she corrected my pronunciation of a name when it came time for me to read it to her.

Froggy's top pick for the was from a new series that we chose together with the help of the librarian, Roughing It on the Oregon Trail. The twins travel back in time in a similar manner to the Magic Treehouse books but it is done in a style more like the Magic School Bus. The history here is more concentrated yet more fun. The books are shorter with less story than Magic Treehouse but it is the perfect way for us to add variety while still giving Froggy lots of what she is looking for.

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  1. The Time-Traveling Books look like something my boys would like. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Of course I am drawn to the second book. I will have to look for it and see if it is one Selena would enjoy.

  3. Thanks for joining WMCIR and sharing your picks! I am definitely going to look for the second book when Anna is a bit older - it looks really intriguing!


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