Cave People

Since we do some much Bible study, I thought it might be nice to give Froggy a look at a secular view of ancient history. We are starting Story of the World. For now at least we are doing this as part of a coop with 3 other families.

The theory is we will read one chapter a week and do some supporting activities. Each chapter is broken into two segments. The first is a nonfiction presentation of the history while the second part is a story or myth of the time period.

This week we met some cave people. In the story segment, the little gir, Taka age 7, goes out hunting/gathering and catches a lizard for her family's supper. She is very happy and looks forward to the stew her mother will make. It was neat to talk with the children about the differences in how and what the nomads ate versus what we eat. The story segment helped them really connect and feel the nomad life.

We also made cave paintings. The paper was hung on the walls and the children were turned loose. The only intro was the cave people painted their walls to tell stories. Would you like to make a cave painting too? What story would you tell?

Only one child did a painting with a story behind it but she is three years older than the next oldest so that is expected. There was some truly amazing discussion during the painting time. The children were fully immersed in the time period. They asked about how the cave people actually painted, how their tools and paints were different. We talked more about the gathering aspect of hunter/gatherer society explaining that the only tools they had were ones they could find locally.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera so I have no pictures to share.


  1. This is such a neat idea and a great way of sharing history. I bet the children had fun imagining the cave that you built. Thank you for linking up this week.

  2. What a fun lesson idea! I think my kids would enjoy this.

  3. There are some caves with drawings near here, that we keep meaning to visit - though I think we'll probably take a Biblical approach to those, too :)

  4. It is too bad that you didn't take pictures. I would have loved to see those cave drawings.

  5. This is an awesome take on the cave dwellers. Maybe I should look at the Story of the World in more detail - I am looking for a good secular history book.


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