Geography - Louisiana

We are still having lots of fun with our map study. This week I counted and we only have 16 states that have not yet been labeled. I guess it is time to decide where we are going to go next.

Froggy chose Louisiana as her state to focus on. Aunt Petal grew up in Louisiana although she lives here now. Hurricane Katrina hit her family hard. Having grown up in Florida with my sister barely surviving Hurricane Andrew I wanted to take this time to explain to about Hurricanes. I did not want to scare her but share with her the awesomeness of G-d's power.

We also looked at and talked about happier things. We ate red beans and rice. We watched The Princess and the Frog and took a virtual tour of the French Quarter.


  1. I like the way you took this opportunity to talk about hurricanes and the power of God. It's important they understand these storms without being so scared. I know for us we still have to introduce the Pacific storms that come in with hurricane force, and Tsunamis. I've never lived in an area with threats like this before, so I haven't decided how I will approach the subject.

  2. I lived in Louisiana for a while and LOVED it!

  3. It looks like a great state study. I've visited New Orleans a couple of times before Katrina - it's really hard to comprehend what happened to it. I agree - Princess and the Frog is a happier take on Louisiana.

  4. State studies seem like so much fun.


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