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So yesterday was the official first day of school for us. I debated for a long time about what we were going to do with Math for this year. The decision was our basis would be Singapore Math 1. But that was not enough of an answer. We did some Singapore 1 last year so where to start was still a question. The answer for me was at the beginning. I decided that a review might be in order and might help Froggy think Math is more fun if it is easy.

Our books came and we started in. Froggy is not thrilled with the idea of review but I still think it is a good idea. We will see. Our lessons are super short (All subjects + breakfast+ morning prayers+ getting dressed can be done in less than 2 hrs when people want) so even if she is not thrilled with them she is not spending large amounts of time doing them.

Our lesson for this week was Number Bonds. For each number (7) we colored each number bond that makes that number a different color (3,4 are green;1,6 are red;2,5 are blue;7,0 are brown) Froggy loved coloring and forgot she was doing math. Yet I think coloring helped her see the pairing and that there are lots of different ways to make the same number.


  1. I agree with you that it is better to have a firm foundation in math rather than rush them through the material. I think perhaps a year full of fun activities and games would benefit as it would make math fun!

  2. I know that daughter also resists reviews, but sometimes they just have to happen to reinforce the concepts. Let's be honest - math is a lot about drills and practice. I am still wild about DreamBox, since she doesn't mind repetition at all there.

  3. Our daughter gets bored easily so I've learned to introduce the same concepts in different ways! It makes it so much more fun and she's learning there are many ways to represent the same thing. That's part of the reason why I love this Math Links. We are all teaching similar concepts but everybody does it differently. I love your idea of using color rods. I may need to take ours out again soon!


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