Preschool Parsha

This week's Torah portion is very special because Yom Kippur falls on Shabbat.

On Yom Kippur,we read the Book of Jonah. The lesson from the story is that God readily accepts the repentance of anyone who sincerely desires to do Teshuva, to return to the Almighty and to the path of the Torah - just as He did with the people of Ninveh.

We spend the time from Tashlich through Neila contemplating our sins, repenting, and doing teshuva. Yom Kippur can only atone for sins between man and Hashem, not for sins against another person. Before we can ask Hashem for forgiveness, we must first get right with our friends. Then on Yom Kippur, we are ready to show true repentance and ask Hashem for forgiveness.

Full real Teshuva is not easy. There are four parts to full teshuva although many people never do step four.
  1. Admit you did something wrong
  2. Say you are sorry
  3. Promise not to do it again
  4. When faced with the same situation choose better
We are working hard to do real teshuva with Froggy while still explaining to her that we are not perfect. It is a fine line to walk.


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