What We Are Reading - Shofar Blowing

I did not want to miss our reading round up even with the holidays so I set this post while we are in shul.

We have not been doing much this week but prepping for the holidays. Our reading reflects that. One of the favorite books of the week is Sophie and the Shofar. Froggy's favorite part of Rosh Hashana is getting to hear the shofar blow. Personally I like Tashlich the best and while Froggy enjoys the walk by the river, the shofar blowing wins in her book.

Sophie and the Shofar is a sweet story of trust, teshuva, sharing and learning. When Sophie's cousin, Sasha from Russia moves in next door, Sophie is given a chance to show him all the customs of Rosh Hashana. Sasha falls in love with Sophie's dad's shofar and begs to be taught how to play. When the shofar goes missing, Sophie blames Sasha and is mean to him. The shofar reappears just in the nick of time proving Sasha innocence. The story ends with the children apologizing to each other. Sophie's dad even learns a lesson and offers to teach them to blow the shofar.

Some other Rosh Hashana books that we have enjoyed this week are A Rosh Hashana Walk and The World's Birthday. The World's Birthday was Froggy's PJ library book for August. It is a wonderful sweet story about a young boy who feels the world deserves a birthday party just like he does. It is perfect for the average 5 year old. However Froggy much preferred her friend's book, New Year at the Pier.

Froggy made her own shofar. Directions can be found in several different places. We took a party horn, wrapped in card stock and decorated. Froggy who is still not much on the crafts although she more tolerant now was thrilled to make her own shofar. I offered her the choice of decorating materials and she chose paint. We used pompoms to do the painting and had stamps available to add design work.
Once it was dry Froggy had a fantastic time sounding the shofar. She did a good tekiah and eve a pretty good shevarim. Her tekiah gadolah needs work though.And because I could not resist, a gratuitous shot of her modeling her new Rosh Hashana dress. I am thrilled to have finished it in time for her. It does not show in the picture but the buttons are miniature apples.


  1. Shana Tova! I am delighted to learn about more Rosh Hashanah books. I added this post to Evernote to revisit next year. I also really liked the craft you did to go with the celebrations.

  2. What a great project to go along with your books...and I love her dress too. Thank you for sharing your book and project with us and linking to stART!!!

  3. I'm going to keep Sophie and the Shofar in mind for next year. Cute dress!

  4. That dress is adorable. What a talented seamstress. The banding on the bottom really makes the dress very cute.

  5. My girls have been learning about Rosh Hashana during our homeschool co-op time, so this would make a great book for us to investigate! Thanks ever so much for linking up!

    (The dress is adorable, btw!)


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