Froggy started her second year of ballet today.  She was so proud of herself.  She moved up to Ballet 1 instead of PreBallet.  She was not scheduled to move up for another year since the expectation is two years at each level.  However all her friends moved up and she wanted to stay with them.

We talked long and hard about expectations.  I warned her that if she went into this class it would be lots of work and lots less time playing.  She still wanted to do it to be with her friends.  I talked to the director who agreed that it was worth a try.  

So the first class was wonderful.  Her teacher had nothing but praise for her focus and dedication and progress from last year. 


  1. My daughter does ballet too and seems to love it!

  2. Good for you. At that age, it's mostly about having fun, but if she has the interest & ability, there's no reason she shouldn't be taken seriously, at any age.
    Naomi has been begging for ballet for months, so I signed her up this fall.
    It's only once a week, and only 1/2 an hour, but at least she's getting her feet wet (so to speak!). If she loves it, we can always do more, but I didn't want to overwhelm her in case she was disappointed. So far, she loves it - the teachers are named Danielle and Daniella, her #1 favourite name! It's not very "classical," as ballet goes, but I don't think it'll hurt her, either.
    I LOVED ballet as a kid, and even took it as an adult... which is funny because I went from being too skinny to be graceful to being too (ahem) large to be graceful, with absolutely no graceful in-between stage. :-)))


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