Geography - Minnesota

I have not posted lately about our map work.  We have still been plugging along.  Location makes a huge difference though.  We repainted our dining room and the map is no longer in the room.  It is now with the other circle time posters.  Froggy has not looked at it or mentioned at all since the move except during map time.

This week we started a new American Girl book, Meet Kirsten.  In the book she and her family travel from Sweden to Minnesota.  Froggy knew on her own that journey is during "Frontier times" but it made a special connection when I told her that Kirsten is a little girl at the same time that Laura and Mary's (Ingalls) Ma was a little girl.  (Remember we are still working our way through Little House on the Prairie - we move through it at a snails pace)

Since our regular weekly map this term is only the United States, we had to go to our big map on the wall to find Sweden and trace their journey across the Atlantic Ocean.  We did trace their journey from New York to Minnesota on our map.

In the book, Kirsten comments on how much hotter summer is in America than in Sweden so talked about why and how much farther north Sweden is than New York.


  1. Kirsten was always one of my favorite books in the American Girl Series. Maybe because my Grandmother came over with her family from Sweden, so I related to the story. Thank you for linking up this week.

  2. I can't wait to read the American Girl books - and Little House books with my daughter! Checking out all of the link ups...


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