Girl Scouts

For at least 10 years now I have been waiting for this day. Froggy had her first Girl Scout Meeting!!!
Her leader is a wonderful lady who is amazing at managing so many little girls.  The troop is not a Jewish troop nor is it a homeschool troop but there are two other homeschool girls besides Froggy in the troop. 

At the meeting they had circle time during which they are working on learning the Girl Scout Promise.  I used to know a song that teaches the Promise but could not pull it back to share.  Guess I will have to work on that before the next meeting.

They also made  a really cute Promise craft which is a door hanger to help them remember it.  Once they have learned the Promise, they will have earned the center of their Daisy which has a place of prominence in the front center of their tunics.

Just to be sure it is not all work they played a neat game of keep the balloon in the air.
 They have a Kaper Chart just like I had when I was a new Brownie.  The little dolls are even just the same.


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